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12-12-2012, 06:10 AM
ive been running this launcher by itself foward with 3 projectile doffs. while I can't say for certain that they're doing anything for the recharge, I do know that i'm firing this thing just as frequently as I was firing 2 photon launchers forward. Additionally, i'm rotating HY 3 and 2 with this and i'm getting hits ranging from 22k to 50k (even had one for 70k against the gate in ISE) on the high yield shots, which also seems to have a very nasty AOE for the same amount, though small radius. the normal shots are hitting for about 7k each with out critting, but i'm also using 4 ambiplasma envelope consoles.

I *think* just by watching the recharge, that the doffs are increasing the shots it recharges. I've watched the number jump from 1 charge to 4, very rarely do I ever see it empty.

personally, my long term plan is to run this launcher forward and the romulan launcher aft, dunno how that's going to turn out until cryptic decides to get the romulan launcher working properly.