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Originally Posted by heresincebeta View Post
1. If you have multiple torpedos slotted, the Omega seems to "take priority" in that it will fire when ready, even if you have another torpedo ready as well. If the Omega had the lowest priority (i.e. only fired it's rapid shots when other torpedos were on cooldown) it might be really good. As it is, it is really bad (because it prevents normal torps from firing unless the Omega is out of ammo).
This is something you should be taking control of yourself with keybinds. Bind all of row 4 to one key and all of row 5 to another key, then you can put the torps you want to fire first in row 4, then flip your tray back down so you don't have to devote space to them.

The rule 62 boosting kinetic only is consistent, I think. Things that boost the dot on regular plasma torps are Mk, Rarity, [Dmg], and Plasma energy weapon consoles, (yes the ones that boost plasma beam and cannon damage). The plasma torp consoles only boost kinetic. Yes, this makes little sense. Also the dot can crit, so there's that to think about if you're building for dots.