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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
When it comes to linking the accounts, Cryptic gave everyone a six month notice.

Link: Account Linking Promo
By PWE_BranFlakes @ June 19, 2012 at 10:06pm

If anyone was still using their Cryptic account, after they made that announcement, you only have yourselves to blame. Everyone had a six months notice to get things sorted out.

many players left the game since that announcement, me being one of them, I left star trek when Creeps took over, I was subscriber with atari all till the end of 2011, than I left in early December 2011, not coming back till October, I am not forum user or read your forum, have better things to do than support some corporate forum, many gamers like me, had no clue about any account merger w.e and many had no idea about season 7, so what you're talking is just vile corporate spin, totally un-star trek like, read what Star Trek is all about, before replying.

Originally Posted by linyive View Post
I have no sympathy. Cryptic/Perfect World gave everyone enough notice.

People need to take some responsibility.

You should have called customer service on day one.

You waited.

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