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How about giving cruisers an inherent 10 - 20 degree boost to the fire arc of beams (and MAYBE torps) meaning broadsides are on target more often and creating a small arc where DBBs and aft arrays overlap (the super broadside sweet spot).

Allows a bit more punch, reduces the pain of bad turn rate, (and offers a new concept 4DBB 4 Array sweet spot hunting)

Or tweak BO and FAW to be a bit better than they currently are.
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I like this idea. Honestly I think beams have more problems than cruisers, since nothing at all synergies with broadside firing.
Beam Arrays have a 270 degree firing arc. They overlap for the Broadside just fine.
The only limit is the fore mounted Beam arrays can not fire backwards down the ship and the aft can not fire forward if the ship is facing its target head-on.
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