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What is the Star Trek Online Gateway?

Star Trek Online Gateway is a web application which lets you look at your captains, ships, bridge officers, and other data from STO. Eventually, you will be able to interact with Star Trek Online through Gateway without logging in to the full 3D client.

The purpose of Gateway is to let players into Star Trek Online without needing to start up the full client.

Visit to access the STO Gateway.

well, being a web-developer myself, here is my feedback. The UI itself is nice but has some positioning problems here and there. Include the following stuff to make this project useful:

- Exchange (+ maybe Cronjobs like you can see on ebay)
- Possibility to view other profiles (and let people choose if they profile should be public and if yes, if others can see their equipment for example.. little bit like facebook)
- Mailsystem
- DOFF System
- Reputation System
- include some kind of "browser-game" function. Let your ship virtually fight NPCs or something like that. Check out some online space games to get some ideas. Even PvP is possible.. littlebit like roundbased pokemon playcard game back (i am really not playing that)
- will add more later on..
What ? Calaway.