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# 1265 Fleet Alert Woes
12-12-2012, 07:10 AM
There I was...

Fleet Alert.

I pugged in.

Said 'Hi' as usual.

Two said Hi back.

Oh Goody.

The time counts down to zero and I buzz over and start on the first group.

Some guy in an Fleet Patrol Escort with Skittles is shooting away.

I kill the first three or four and see this guy is still firing at the one he started with so i kill it.

Second group pops up and everyone is having a good old time shooting away.

I see this guy with the Skittles took on a BOP, a little more than he could handle.

I kill two or three and this guy is still working on his BOP so I kill it and send him a heal.

3rd group through the last are all the same.

The guy with the Skittles firing away and doing no damage.

We won so no biggy.

This guy had over 4000 accolade so he's been playing for at least a month. You would think he would know better. It just baffles me how these Skittle Boats and Rainbow/Technicolor Boats can actually think they are actually doing damage.