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12-12-2012, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by mic808 View Post
what a mess you've caused you PW, was this any other MMO you'd be out of games industry permanently cause no fool would want to have anything to do with you!!!

Not only you messed big time with season 7 launch which was months too early and full of bugs but it seems your account rubbish merger nonsense was another fiasco as if season 7 wasn't big enough clue that you're messing things up big time.

i can see this game going downhill from now on as many players will leave in draws, you've lost half with launch of season 7, which at best is a fiasco, I personally consider it a con-man job, especially when it comes to conversion rates and many like me who never read your stupid forum were left out in a ditch not knowing what mess you're cooking next.

CBS will hear of this, as I'll be defo contacting them now, and just in cause you think what CBS got to do with this, they are the guys that own the franchise, anything to do with the Star Trek, and you're ruining the name of Star Trek with your actions. Perpetual owns the engine, and I'm sure there are plenty of developers out there who would love to do star trek franchise and take over just in cause you think you are safe to rip off ppl the way you do...

I'm beyond angry how I've been treated by you ppl, was this any other mmo.

beyond angry
I understand your rant and why you are angry, but what you have to understand is that STO is making money, lots of it. Many people are very happy with the game and apart from a few hiccups at the start of Season 7 which were very quickly put right after being notified by a few hundred players on the forum then the game continues to grow and improve.

I don't agree with most of your post and I think that writing to CBS would be a total waste of your time. Linking of accounts has been common knowledge for many months, it has been on the forums, on the main website and more importantly emails have been sent to all account holders so there really is no excuse for not knowing about it. Granted the account linking itself does not always go smoothly but checking the forums or contacting PWE customer service usually soerts that out fairly quickly and as brandon said earlier nothing is ever deleted so at worst there will be some inconvenience for a player whilst the accounts are sorted out by PWE.

Raging and ranting on the forum is common place and as such is generally ignored by most people and by the devs. Constuctive criticism is welcome and will often be answered by a Dev, moderator or Brandon.

There were multiple threats to take Cryptic to court over the lockbox and gambling for minors episodes months back but as far as I am aware nothing was ever done about it because there was no case to answer. Threatening a company is not a good way to motivate them to improve, it is more likely to motivate them to ignore the forums more and reduce the interaction with the Devs that we currently enjoy.

If you no longer enjoy the game then simply quit and try something else, come back later to see how it has progressed or never come back at all, it is your choice.