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12-12-2012, 07:40 AM
i have just bothered trying to do the race without any rolls or any other tricks, just normal walking and running.

there are basically parts where u can run smoothly for a few seconds without much stirring, if u simply "walk" at the total rest of the course, u finish before the animal with a good 5-8 seconds to spare, which is quite a lot without any rolls.

additionaly i tried running the course without looking at the radar and with one error where i came to a total halt.
the animal was directly behind me when i finished the race.

so im guessing if anyone fails this race, i could help them out with this:

u can be off the track and behind the polls a tiny bit, to keep the speed, it wont disqualify u.
thats worth knowing for essential parts of the race, where u else if u stay 100% on the track, would lose speed or time.

if u still fail the race, then there is a general problem with your latency (internet connection),
your monitor, maybe a problem with your keyboard not functioning properly.

with rolling the race is much easier of course and u will finish it so much faster.

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