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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
Before TNG I never knew raptors existed, always figured there were unknown classes between the raiders and the battlecruisers but never gave them much though. After they were introduced I figured they were more of a fast attack gunboat (like WW2 light cruisers) but noticed as more of them were put on screen, the more powerful they became. We've reached the point (with STO) where BoP's (who are so messed up sizewise due to faulty canon) and raptors (a recent addition to canon) are more powerful than the warship that introduced the warlike race to fans, and dwarfs both in size and longevity.

IF either were more powerful or preferred by the high command a fleet of BoPs would've met 'the cloud' in the first movie -or- a fleet of either would've escorted Chancellor Gorkon in the undiscovered country, or he would've used either one as his flagship. Neither was the case.

Sorry for the rant but I'm a HUGE fan of the D7 and I hate to see it treated like the red-headed stepchild - too many years playing starfleet battles and starfleet command 2.
Sorry, if this appears to be nitpicking but I certainly hope you're referring to Birds of Repy here, not Raptors.