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# 1 Gekli escort in Tau Sector
12-12-2012, 08:52 AM
So I have run through this mission a few times, and while the concept is good, the execution of this mission needs a little work.

Things I've noticed:
-Hirogen Hunter ships show up after first attack and be killed without them firing back
-Gekli stop midway along pathway and wait for long periods (past 5 minutes) of time until you get a message saying they've stopped because they detected a Hunting party (where were they?)
- Gekli get to portal to fluidic space and stop. even if all Hirogen ships have been destroyed they will wait for well past 10 minutes (maybe longer, this is as long as I have waited on the times this has occured.) doesn't occur everytime, just sometimes.

Overall, mission needs tweaking with timing and making sure Hirogen ships act properly and show up when they're supposed to and that the Gekli are moving when there is no threat on sensors