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You can claim to be Q himself for all it matters in this forum, the fact is Developers rarely respond to these forums even if they actually read them and the whole idea of bridge navigation has been discussed ad nauseum. Bridge/interior maps can be shared, which creates unique cproblems for isolating controls to the ships owner, it can be done, but not without radical redesign of the game client. What I've been repeating is what the developers have said in their blogs and the few miraculous times they actually post here, that bridge navigation can't be done, so deriding me for relaying what we've been repeatedly told accomplishes exactly zilch.
I understand: Game developers rarely respond to these forums.
I understand: What I said, remains true. My suggestion doesn't require remapping controls, just multiple entry points, like the exchange, one would have the same controls one has in that sector space, war zone, etc. The bridge map would exist in the same map space, just invisible. Just like my ship exists in map space. The only thing that changes is perspective, and POV's (point of view), a 3D rendering term. Although, I do admit they probably have maximized the size of the map for sector space and have little room for adding bridges without losing some space. And, that may be a good point, as it would require a complete remap of sector space. Do-able, but time intensive, and as I stated, I don't know what resolution they're using, and at what scale. Personally, I think in the smaller war maps, a bridge would be practically redundant. A pop up window of bridge would be more feasable, and then you're correct, two mapped spaces. Maybe just a bridge overlay, with the ship controls solid, hiding the current ship maneuvering controls with the forward screen on bridge being transparent? Like like an options window, the actual bridge controls on the window could, just as an example, be made to overlay in full screen size with every where it's black, it would be made tranparent. or, easier yet, make several bridge HUD's. Even at cryptic level, they may be amiable to parameter passing to the space window... but I digress. Plus, perfect world developed this using cryptic's engine, so, it would be a coordinated effort.

They could just start, at first, with a rudementary map of bridge space, one common for everyone. I'm sure you've noticed that some maps are larger than others. So, one map, just bigger, with a bridge in it, and the ability to switch between bridge POV, and space & ship POV.

So, if it accomplishes zilch, then it's just a comment; It wasn't intended as an attack on you personally, just a disagreement with your hypothesis. And, just because none of their developers apparently understand what I'm saying, according to you based on their statement that it can't be done; doesn't mean I'm incorrect.

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Too many time we read of players familiar with a different game coming in here asking for this game to be changed to what they are familiar with, I'm guilty of that myself, looking at a Volkswagon and expecting a Ferrari, the game is what it is, WYSIWYG.
If WYSIWYG, then there would be no changes to the game at all. This is a blanket statement that can't be supported. I'm sure they could add a chair to the dining room, or make all the chiars capable of being sat in. Which, BTW, also needs a little work; but, that's another issue very minor. And, I'm not basing this on another game; I'm coming at this from the perspective of a programming guru who's familiar with 3D modeling, and observations of this engines capability. Which is quite nice actually, and very versitile.

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There is no such thing as a perfect program, especially in the gaming venue, but if you have specific data or suggestions that can help them do their jobs you would be better advised to contact them directly than posting a novella in the forum that nobody here can do anything about.
Ah, now I can totally agree with that! However, my comment was made here because there's no point in squelching hope when there's a perfectly viable reason for hope to exist.

Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
Welcome to the forums, have a nice stay.
Thank you, I do not find a friendly argument to be detrimental. However, I do get confused by certain things people say sometimes. Your statement confused me, as I stated. I apologize if my social skills don't meet your expectations. <- Now you can take that as a jab; or, a recognition that I don't always say things perfectly well. Or, it's both.

So, are you saying you do 'know', I don't know what I'm talking about, and that I'm incorrect? Or do you only know what the game developers have said; because, I'm well known amongst certain development areas for making fruitful and "game changing" decisions. I do this both for games, applications, databases, and websites gratis, for my love of the product, and for the betterment of their clients.

But, since, my 'specific' details here are only sufficient to show that it 'can' be done; and, the audience that the concept of a bridge is feasable; which states nothing about the knowledge and skill about the developers; sometimes, we are so involved with the minutae of the program, we get tunnel vision. But, that said, after I've played a bit longer, I will no doubtedly visit the cryptic forums, and do exactly as you suggest. I was merely responding to the smashing of hope.

And, thank you, I do hope to have a 'nice' stay. So far, I'm enjoying the heck out of this game... as it is. And have only found that the lack of a bridge detracts from immersion. And, as far as typing a novella... I talk a lot in real life also; and I type at 60wpm+. So I can type a conversation in chat in real time. Complete with punctuation and whole words.

The reiteration of details, was my attempt to make sure the concept was understood at a layman's level.

No offense intended. Thank you for your feedback.

PS: BTW, I think your response was fruitful; I really think the best approach would be to add additional HUD's to the ship/space map. Each bridge HUD needed only visible, available and loaded at the time you pick your character and/or ship. But, if we're talking about a space one could walk around with one's character. The only option would be the first suggestion.

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