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12-12-2012, 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by darimund View Post
well I can guarantee this, and again, something overlord Stahl can factor into his metrics, I will absolutely NOT play anything else this company produces. Believe me, i'm well aware of the harsh reality that PWE got my money for this sub, and its a mistake I flat out refuse to repeat.
But are you going the extra mile and telling all your friends of your personal experiences with Cryptic?

I am. I also do my utmost to provide them with a lens through which to filter all the nice things NW is hyping. See, having worked in management I can tell you that the only thing that will shake things up enough for STO and CO to have a real hope of improving is that NW fails and (as unlikely as it is due to the usual corporate egos) that resources be rerouted to STO and CO. STO may be hiring but clearly needs more experienced devs working on it... ideally devs that would have enough care to test an item before putting it in the rep store..... Over in Co things are far more dire than in STO, the longtime players are pretty much accepting it has entered maintenance mode .