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Originally Posted by echodarksided View Post
As a member of Jupiter Force I sympathize with the plight of small fleets, because you are not going to complete your Starbase to Tier V. It won't be because of desire or effort, it is a simple matter of MATH and TIME.

As a large fleet we struggle to find the fleet marks to sustain projects in the haul between Tier IV and Tier V, and that is despite having a hundred characters maxed in DOFFs and 30+ people active everyday. With all the various gated systems in the game, not to mention playstyles, it's simply not possible right now to get enough fleet marks to sustain 3 projects a day unless everyone actively farms fleet marks, and fleets simply can't ask members to do this every day for months and months with no end in sight.

Our KDF Starbase is stuck at upgrade for Tier IV. We filled everything but fleet marks, including 1,900,000 dilithium, very easily... but it will take the rest of the year to farm the 24000 fleet marks. If it takes a large active fleet like Jupiter Force a month to fill fleet marks on a Starbase upgrade project, I'm sorry but it suggests to me smaller fleets have no shot in hell of filling it in a way that sustains momentum and active engagement with the system by members of small fleets.

The way STO has disconnected players from the various currencies required to pace progress to the content systems in the game is the failure of Season 7, and probably the single best thing STO could do to encourage players to try TOR F2P. It is hard to imagine the balance sheet at PWE will see Season 7 as anything other than a massive flop, and the reason is because "it's the economy stupid" - so the phrase goes.

I note Dan Stahl isn't engaged with the community much over the last few weeks. Probably smart, he is the face of fail in Season 7, and all his economic theories failed miserably... evidenced by the exodus of player activity shortly after season 7 launch.
But there is an end in sight, contrary to the part of your rant I highlighted in red. Eventually, your fleet (and mine) will achieve Tier V, which will actually feel like a major accomplishment, which is something that few games allow players to do these days.


Because the "instant gratification" crowd is being catered to in every game.

Let me ask you a question. Given the size of your fleet, and comparing that to the capabilities of smaller fleets, what if you had attained a T5 Starbase in just two or three weeks? What would you be saying, or more likely, be complaining about then?

"It's too easy!" "It's too fast!" "No challenge!" And, ultimately, "I don't have anything to work toward or do."
Why should a small fleet, with perhaps 2 or 3 active players, be able to attain a major achievement in the game quickly?

Sorry, this is an MMO. I've seen the entire genre turned upside-down because so many casual and solo players expect everything to be easily attained. I'm glad this one system has been different.

And that's ultimately what I see here. The vast majority of the complaining hasn't been about the desire to have a high tier starbase - indeed, most appear to want one. The complaints center around the fact that they can't get one fast or easily enough. That's the problem with the instant gratification mentality, which has been destroying the MMORPG genre for years.

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