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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Sorry, but you completely lost me now.
You wrote you didn't know before TNG that there were Raptors.
There were no Raptors in TNG.
The only Raptor that ever appeared anywhere was in "Enterprise" in the year 2002 episode "Sleeping Dogs".

I'm also not really sure what you mean by BoPs have existed since TOS, several novels that appeared after Star Trek 3 but play during the TOS era have them, sure.
The 1986 novel "The First Adventure" should be one of the first to feature one.
But I don't quite understand in what way movie canon got that wrong since the Bird of Prey Kruge uses is a familiar design to the Enterprise's crew so it was certainly not brand new to them.

And while the F5 could be something related, the F5 has a nearly trapezoid rear hull and the nacelles under the hull.
Of course it could be some kind of "TOS Raptor", but then the people from SFB could hardly have anticipated what the people who would make "Enterprise" would design some 20 years later.
And depending on the angle, the glowing green light from the original version of "Saturday's Child" could just as well be a Raptor.

Basically every smaller companion to the D7 that has nacelles and a neck could be a Raptor of sorts.
I meant the entire trek universe changed with TNG, and raptors appeared AFTER TNG (Enterprise) tho some non-canon ships could very well be raptors without the official name given them until 'enterprise' aired.
Eaves' objective was to make the craft appear more primitive than the Klingon ships later in the franchise's chronology, with exposed piping and rugged design. Eaves stated that the design was made to look "like it is made up of different pieces that are attached to one another, as opposed to a uniform shape". Several designs of various sizes were proposed before Zimmerman settled on the Raptor-class. While the vessel is lightly based on Industrial Light & Magic's Bird of Prey, Eaves attempted to make the craft appear as a precursor to the D7-class.
It's been way too many years since I've seen my TOS tech books and blueprints, but they've been reconsidered as non-canon anyway.

At the end of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, all licenses for Star Trek spin-off fiction were renegotiated and the animated series was essentially "decanonized" by Gene Roddenberry's office. Writers of the novels, comics and role-playing games were prohibited from using concepts from the animated series in their works.[6] Among the facts established within the animated series that were called into question by the "official canon" issue was its identification of Robert April as the first captain of the USS Enterprise in the episode "The Counter-Clock Incident".
Romulans had a 'bird of prey' ship in TOS (1967??) tho ST3 'officially' stole the name many years later.
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