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Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
I don't understand why KDF players think this "build it and they will come" philosophy is going to be the savior of the KDF faction.

The KDF tutorial is an annoying as back and forth disaster, the whole city has absolutely no fundamental design structure to it and isn't really enjoyable to be at, and the spacedock interactions/explore the station and get you're first ship interaction is clumsy at best.

Nuke the KDF, pick out the pieces that are decent get the KDF players to make some solid foundry missions that could port to episodes and start the whole thing from scratch not the pre and post launch mess it is.

And no matter what the baseline issue still exists, Cryptic has lost money focusing on the KDF. I believe it was the November Ask Cryptic where Dan stated this fact again.

sometimes they best way to save something is to destroy it and start over.

I actually have to agree with you here...

As much as it pains me so I do have to...

They never did get the KDF right and every half-arsed attempt so far just compliments their failure.

Sure Stahl may say every so often that they plan to work on the KDF but all he goes on about is a bloody tutorial. Does he not realise that down to his own design of only allowing level 25 characters to be KDF that noone will actually play the said tutorial?

Best thing they can do is, as you say completely wipe the slate and start again.

Id love to play a STO or just Trek MMO (my faith in this one is lacking) and get to be a part of something different than the same old tree-hugging crap that Starfleet get up to. Even though this Starfleet is gung-ho and shoot at anything and everything they still lack anything KDF which is unfortunate as all KDF 'content' is essentially just a copy/paste.

All I can say is if they do intend to make Season 8 KDF based then it better be the biggest patch to date. Anything less simply won't do.

Painting over a crack in a wall only hides the problem for a short duration. You have to fix the crack for it to go completely...