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12-12-2012, 10:57 AM
So you guys created a system that automatically, without asking, puts an STO account on someone's PW account?

What a horrible idea.

I just came back to the game yesterday. I try to log in and it says I SHOULD link my accounts. OK, sure... try to log into my PW account and it says the account was banned... for what I have no idea, last thing I ever did was beta test your Raiderz game for you guys.

So I email about that and no response yet. That is my main account, and I THINK it has other games on it already and want to link that one. I never got an email about a ban, and never did anything to get banned other than possibly trying to log in too many times, so it should be cleared.

I then read, in another post, someone saying that if you log in with any PW account you can then just say "no" to the link and then get around to your Cryptic login. Since I have to wait to link accounts then this is how I have to do it. I use my alternate PW account (since you can only have 1 account per email) and the launchers asks "Do you have a Cryptic account", I say no since I do not want to link these two. It then creates a new STO blank account.

So at this point I am locked out of one of my two PW accounts, and locked out of my Cryptic STO account. I can't even go link my STO account to my alt account since you guys unnecessarily created an STO account there without asking me to do so.

What a way to take something that should be easy and make it insanely complicated. How about at least giving people the option to clear STO accounts off a PW account if there are no characters on that account... at least that way people can go back and link accounts properly.

Try to come back to play your game and all I end up doing is spending hours trying to figure out your ridiculous account screwups.