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12-12-2012, 11:19 AM
It always struck me has odd how the Romulans and the Klingons both had Bird of Prey.

I'm pretty sure that the Romulans had them 1st and then the Klingons improved on the concept during their alliance.

If there were ever a lock box vessel that I'd actually want to acquire a Romulan Bird of Prey would be it.

On topic of the Bortasqu:

What role (if any) in each of the Elite Space STF?s do you believe that a Bortasqu could fill?

There limited mobility makes them near useless in KA, on probe defense they have to position themselves so far off the gate that there pretty much right near the time portal and if a probe makes it past the head it's all over.

There limited mobility gimps them in Cure and Infected where speed and positioning key.

They cannot defend the Kang without backup and there very slow on probe clearing.

To be fair I would never try to defend the Kang in KA with my Vo?Quv because it's a positioning nightmare (for me at least).

When running the Cure space I always go on the probe and Cube clearing detail, it's so much easier to park my Carrier just within firing range of the probes and still be able to help deal with the BOP and Neg that spawn.

Oh the power of the advanced Bird of Prey!