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12-12-2012, 11:28 AM

You are correct in one point, we will achieve Tier V in both Fed and KDF Starbase. My fleet is too large and remains engaged and active enough that for us, it is a legitimate and realistic goal with a realistic chance of achievement.

But fleets like Jupiter Force, and there may be as many as a dozen in the whole game, are the exceptions, not the rule.

I have no problem with the time gate nature of Starbases or other systems like the reputation system, nor do I have a problem with associating a high cost per se, my concern more specific to the unrealistic access to the various currencies needed by a player to be engaged in the numerous (and increasing number) systems in the game. A player is now gated by time horizontally by each individual system that requires a specific time period to complete a project, but is also gated by time vertically by having to spend time accumulating resources for each individual system independently. There is no functional way in the game to play STO at a reasonable pace and be engaged in the multiple systems simultaneously.

That's a legit problem because it's hard to keep folks motivated when major aspects of what Cryptic advertises as their primary content systems are disconnected from a players gaming experience. What good are Starbases at end game if 99% of the community doesn't have a realistic shot at advancing the system in a way it is even eventually achievable.

I find it hard to believe Starbase Tier V will ever mean anything in STO if only a tiny number of people are in a fleet with one, meaning once built it won't have value for Cryptic to spend resources building more content options for that tiny dedicated Tier V group.

So yeah for me, I'll have a Tier V Starbase, and it will mean nothing because not enough others will have one to inspire Cryptic to develop end game content for the Starbase system. That would suck to work so hard for what amounts to no rewards beyond access to a few more item options. I think most people understand a Tier V Starbase could be a great mechanism for content, particularly via the Foundry, but that doesn't happen if the Starbase is a system that can't be realistically completed by the majority of players.

And with fleets having caps on number of characters, it's not like Cryptic is encouraging large fleets to soak up members of small fleets, indeed there is no evidence Cryptic is encouraging this except via mechanics that make small fleets unlikely to ever achieve the end game anytime in the next calendar year.