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12-12-2012, 11:45 AM
Hi there,

A little follow-up: this char is up to L42, and I'm enjoying him a lot. I was very glad to finally get the Heghta and its fourth front weapon mount. Bridge officers are currently a Tac Cmdr (TT1, BO2, HYT3, CRF3), Tac LC (TT1, APD1, APO1), and Sci (HE1, JS2) and Eng (EPTW1, EPTS2) get the Lt stations.

Only two things are bothering me. First, I think I need some AOE. The concept behind this ship is "decloak, then drill a single target into atoms," but without some ability to hit multiple targets, I feel a bit uncovered. I'm thinking of ditching APD for either Scatter Volley or Torp Spread. (For anyone reading who's going to say, "ditch the DBB, add in Spread or SV in lieu of BO, problem solved," I've considered that but it's really just the move of last resort, as I thoroughly enjoy 'flashing my high-beams' at foes.) APD is quite nice, but I think I miss the AOE more than I appreciate Delta.

The other thing is that Lt Science spot. I knew going in that Jam Sensors migt not get tons of use, and boy, it doesn't. I don't know, maybe it's useful on harder difficulty, getting a breather if you've bitten off a bit too much? Anyone? In looking over possible replacements, my first thought is Tractor Beam, then something boring like TSS if I can't make TB work.

Thanks again to everyone who posted, you all helped and I appreciate it!