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12-12-2012, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by heresincebeta View Post
While I suppose that's fair enough of a point, I'd add 2 things:
1. By any measure, the new OMEGA and Romulan space sets were undertested... they have many things to be worked out (for instance, the way the torp works now was just to stop an exploit on the test server with people shooting all five charges as THY or TS). Also, consider that the omega weapon 3-piece set bonus is (by all appearances) nonfunctional as is the Romulan Plasma torpedo launcher (it's just a placeholder). Now is the best time for people to express their concerns with how it works.
2. Because the mechanism for this torpedo is different from other torpedos, it might make sense for it to not trigger GCD of normal torpedo launchers.
I've seen the adapted omega 3 piece proc a couple times. I don't know if it works for certain, but it appears to.