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Originally Posted by phantomeight View Post
They are not overpriced, they are aimed at fleets and fleets generally have enough people together to gather 200K DL rather easily, the project lasts barely a day and we only have 3 or 4 people logged in on average.

You can turn off the tribbles if you go see the dude at the bar.
1. "Cosmetic" updates should never cost more than a large amount of the actual "Fleet Projects". 200k Dilithium is significantly more than most "Tier 1" projects, and even at a Fleet's smallest size (5 people), that's still 40k Dilithium per member, or 5 full days of reaching the Refining Cap. Add to that, you have the Reputation grind, DOff assignments, buying gear, buying ships, and possibly converting Dilithium to Zen, and you run out of Dilithium rather quick. I'd rather pay a steep amount of for example 'Expertise', since I have several million that go unused.

2. "Turn off" implies that the function doesn't automatically go back on. The "dude at the bar" does not permanently disable the Tribbles. If you have the "Breen holoship" unlocked, you'll see how it can be toggled on/off.

A better solution for the on/off toggle, is to add a new page to the Fleet UI (only visible to Officers/Leaders), which has all the listed "Featured Projects" that have been unlocked, and allow the Officers/Leaders to toggle each and every one of them at will.

On a related "Featured Project" subject; Will there ever be new projects to add cosmetic "upgrades" to the lower levels of the Fleet Bases? Atleast so you make them look less copy-and-paste than they currently are.