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Originally Posted by dfawkes View Post
Ah, righto. First time I'll have had dealing with Support, hope this goes well. Thanks for the advice
I've worked with the PW Support a couple times now, and in all cases I've been satisfied with the outcome.

The only real complaint I have, turns into a tip for you: Their system has the dumb quirk in that if the Support Person responds to your ticket, even just to ask you a follow-up question, the ticket goes into a "Solved" state, where if you don't respond within a certain amount of time (2-4 days?), the ticket permanently closes even if the problem isn't actually resolved. Fortunately, if you reply at all to your ticket, it toggles it back to in-progress and it won't auto-close. (Also, if it does close, you can always open another ticket.)

So my tip is, be vigilant. Check your Support ticket daily. If you see it's been toggled to Solved, click on it and read the latest update. If that actually solves the problem, go ahead and say so and check the Solved box to Yes. If it doesn't, reply as much and they'll continue to work on it.

Another tip, coming from me as someone who's been in technical support for over 15 years: Remember you're not their only customer, and that there's a real live person on the other end of that ticket trying to help you out. Be patient and kind. It sometimes takes days for a response, but they will get to you. One problem I had took a few months of back-n-forth responses between the GM and I, but they DID fix it and reward to me my missing item (it was a contest reward from Champions, but same Support system).

Anyway, I've had good results from their Support (except that quirk about auto-closing tickets, which, for what it's worth, when I complained abou it, the GM says they don't like either... )

Again, good luck!

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