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12-12-2012, 01:31 PM
It's possible to achieve what you are trying to do. Although you can do it based on reach markers, that is probably not the most ideal choice for what you want to accomplish.

If the NPCs in question (the ones the player talks to) are only using default text (aren't part of the storyline) you can adjust it based off of them too. You can set component complete on any NPC using default text.

If you want more options only available if you actually reach a specific dialogue result, then you need to change it so that it's a map dialogue triggered off an interact. Since we can now set interacts to instant this doesn't end up being that different from default text except you can't repeat it. They won't have the little talk symbol over their heads though. If you want that to indicate they can be talked to, just have them say something really short for their default text, like "Hello, [Rank]", and then set the NPC as the component complete trigger for the actual map dialogue where things are discussed.

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