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12-12-2012, 02:42 PM
I'm in a smallish sized fleet, and we kept up with the special projects ok... until embassy projects were introduced. The doubling of costs meant that everyone was so dispirited that even though we decided not to take embassy specials, we actually had less contributions to the starbase ones than before S7. We were only just going to finish project 10 in time to get project 11 slotted, even though we'd never before finished a project after it's two weeks. Even that daft tribble one.

So please, please, please, at the very least drop prices for projects 12 and 3 to 100k. Definitely don't drop the reruns, that'll just piss off those of us who paid full. But going forward, two times the projects shouldn't mean two times of the costs. And I say that as a net zen buyer, who's been killing it with the zen value collapse.

Oh, and perma-toggle tribbles while you're at it. Checkboxes for all in the fleet window would be great, but at the very least make the clean up tribble guy do his job properly. There is a time for trib-ball playing, and a time for not having to trip over the blighters. It'd be nice to choose when that is

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