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Whatever the deal is I am looking forward to this movie, I loved the Star Trek Reboot! The fact that it?s a separate timeline makes it even better because it doesn't destroy TOS; it?s just a different version of events going left where the old Kirk turned right! Also the characters all will have different personalities due to the changes in their life experiences!

I know people hate on Reboots, but this one did in the right way!
First of all, welcome to the party Reboots can be good (Batman, for example did a great job of moving away from the Burton and Schumacher films) and as a movie, I thought JJ Trek was okay. Yes, it was alternate reality so anything goes, but to me, that was just an excuse to write/film whatever they wanted, and still get to slap the name Star Trek on it to get the views, safe in the knowledge they can deflect any critique by saying "Oh but it's alternate reality, so we can do that..."