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12-12-2012, 02:05 PM
Ground to a halt? No.

In a fleet of about 5 players since before S7 our development was already slow. S7 has not increased or decreased our progression at all. My Fleet is in it for the long run as a group. We contribute when we can and if a task is complete then it is. This is what we agreed to in the social contract we made as a group by virtue of making the Fleet and not actively increasing the membership.

From my point of view anybody in a small fleet could (should?) accept that the starbase will not grow at a rate that is noticable from week-to-week. If that is too long then there are really two choices available: 1) stick with it, 2) drop the group and join a bigger Fleet. It's that simple.

The OP has started asking (paraphrased), "Is the Starbase worth it?" That is a question relevant to each person, I think. They are worth it if you feel that way. Nobody has to build a base. No one.
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