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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Winter event updates:
    • Added a mini-Q to the gazebo who can handle bank, mail, and exchange needs.
    • Added a Trade-in Store to the GPL Conversion Unit that will allow you to exchange Winter Epohh pets for Romulan Marks.
    • Winter event: Updated competitive race so that players are not disqualified automatically when a teammate is disqualified.
    • Added more snowmen that spawn if many players are on the map.
    • Snowmen and boss are a bit tougher if there are more players on the map.
    • Q now explicitly tells players to check their Duty Officer assignments while on the winter map to look for special holiday Duty Officer assignments.
    • Joining "The Fast and the Flurrious" race automatically removes Q's polymorph effect.
    • Extended no-knock volume to cover starting wooden platform of competitive race
    • The snowball fight now requires the defeat of 150 snowmen to move to boss stage.
  • Added shields and armor to the ground devices vendor on New Romulus for the reputation system.
  • Teamed players on New Romulus can now achieve the different exploration perks.
  • Temporarily removed "Romulan Plasma Flamethrower" from the T5 Projects list.
  • The Winter jacket can now display Fleet emblems.
  • Updated the cropped Winter jacket for Trill, Caitian, and Ferasan females.
  • Updated the C-store text for all the versions of the Vesta to include information about their consoles.

  • Tachyon Harmonic: The Shield Drain component of this power is once again fully-functional at all ranks.
  • The "Omega - Style 1" unlock will now properly grant Mk XI visuals instead of the old Mk X visuals.
  • Obtaining a Mk XII set of Honor Guard or MACO ground gear will now properly unlock the associated Adapted set.
  • Updated Winter Event abilities:
    • The Secondary fire on "Flurry" is now 30m instead of 20m to match all other Snowball Weapon ranges.
    • "Flurry" primary fire now does slightly more damage per tick.
    • "Avalanche" primary fire recharge increased from .5sec to .75sec
    • "Free Snowballs" and "Unmelting Snowballs" now deal slightly less damage, but also have less damage variance.
  • Beefed up the Snowman Overlord.
    • Added a new Range-AOE power to the Snowman Overlord.
    • Snowman Overlord's minion summon is now a shorter effect, allowing him to take other actions while it's activating.
    • The Snowman Overlord is now more resilient to incoming fire from all Snowball Weaponry.

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