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12-12-2012, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by mordaen View Post
You were complaining about smaller fleets being "punished" for choosing to remain small. Same thing.
Not quite, but will agree it could come across that way. My apologies if it did. Also, stating an opinion is not complaining. That's what these forums are for... to discuss ideas.

Then, you did the same thing and ignored my questions. Do you think small fleets deserve to pay less for the same starbase simply because they've chosen to have small numbers?
No, I don't think they should pay less. What I do believe is the costs in both in-game currencies and time need to be looked at to make them more realistic for the majority of the customers.

I don't think anyone has been saying that the numbers shouldn't be reviewed, or are undeniably perfect. In fact, I'd contend that balance should be a continual process within any MMO, this one included.
I've essentially been saying the same thing.