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Originally Posted by marcusdkane View Post
Yes, but again, it's one thing to disregard realism for a scenario/creature etc, and something else to suddenly expect people to believe that a militery (ish) organisation who are punishing a cadet for cheating on a crucial exam, would ignore the chain of command, and just say "Oh here you go, have a starship..." Maybe overlook the cheating, but to give him a full commission, that really was just pushing suspension of disbelief too far for the sake of a movie
Your suspension of disbelief? Maybe. But that doesnt mean it pushes too far for everyones. Likewise, some may say that having Wesley the ensign wonder boy repeatedly saving the senior crew/ship is pushing their suspension of disbelief too far, but that doesnt mean it pushes yours too far. Everyone's suspension of disbelief is different, so there is no universal meter to go by when criticizing a movie or show.

A fair point with regards riding on the coattails of the name, but a crucial difference, is that TNG, DS-9 and Voyager (even Enterprise) weren't ever intended to be re-workings of TOS, but extensions of that universe.
And the story of the movie is that this is not a "reworking", but a parallel timeline, not unlike the Mirror Universe. Same people, but different events and outcomes, while existing simultaneously alongside the existing Trek universe.