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12-12-2012, 02:41 PM
ive yet to really find a great build....but so far, best Ive come up with is

Borg XI set
3x Aux Phaser cannons
1 aft Borg Cutting beam
2x Trico Mines

Engi Con. Neutronium, vesta QFC module
Sci Con. Field Gen,theta vent, vesta Ferm. module, Borg Ass. Module
Tac Con. 4x Phaser Relays

Sci Com - HE1 - PH2 - TSS3 - GW3
Uni3 (sci) - HE1 - PH2 - TSS3
Uni1(Tac) - TT1
Tac Lt. - TT1 - CSV1
Engi Lt. - Eps1 - Auxsif1