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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
General:[list][*]Winter event updates:
  • Added a mini-Q to the gazebo who can handle bank, mail, and exchange needs.
  • Added a Trade-in Store to the GPL Conversion Unit that will allow you to exchange Winter Epohh pets for Romulan Marks.
  • Winter event: Updated competitive race so that players are not disqualified automatically when a teammate is disqualified.
  • Added more snowmen that spawn if many players are on the map.
  • Snowmen and boss are a bit tougher if there are more players on the map.
  • Q now explicitly tells players to check their Duty Officer assignments while on the winter map to look for special holiday Duty Officer assignments.
  • Joining "The Fast and the Flurrious" race automatically removes Q's polymorph effect.
  • Extended no-knock volume to cover starting wooden platform of competitive race
  • The snowball fight now requires the defeat of 150 snowmen to move to boss stage.
I like all of these changes. Was really hoping for bank/mail/exchange access in the wonderland to save having to go back to ESD and run all the way round just to pick up the drops from other toons.

Romulan marks for winter Epohhs is brilliant as I've got 6 or 7 elders now who I was getting ready to airlock.

Not overly fussed about the snowman battle changes, but I guess it'll make it more interesting if it doesn't end after one and a half minutes haha.
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