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12-12-2012, 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by aegon1ice View Post
You know what?

Point 1)
We have been asking for a year to fix the ridiculous and 100% broken invisible Borg torpedoes and still nothing.

Point 2)
What's with the non functional Reputation items such as Prostethic Arm or Romulan DoFFs and BoFFs?

Both nothing.

Great priorities. But hey, let go and immediately fix a temporary event.
The team is working on fixes for these. If I'm not mistaken, point 2 was only reported in the forums for the first time today. It takes some time to implement fixes, test them, and then get them out for you to test on Tribble.

Originally Posted by usscapital View Post
Got to agree with this post , are cryptic trying to remove some of the fun ?
We're actually adding in the fun. Most players couldn't even make it to the lake in time (even when they were in the instance) when the event started because the snowmen and overlord were mowed down so fast.


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