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12-12-2012, 03:57 PM
Skittlescorts and Rainbow cruisers work perfectly fine in regular missions and most solo play. Don't expect high end tactics from your everyday player. Hell I used to run a what I thought was a nasty rainbow build. Then I started doing STFs and hada few talks with some of my fleetmates, mostly when they found out I was doing this.

After a massive crapstorm of hell, I was informed that using a single energy type was far more effective. And I changed my build, did more damage, learned, and as such, now I do quite a bit more damage.

But until they start real end-game content, don't expect them to learn, and only expect them to change if they want to learn. For the most part, most rainbow boats and skittlescorts tend to think that their builds work, again because regalar PvE on normal difficulty is a faceroll.
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