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Originally Posted by rangerryu View Post
just tried your latest mission and noticed two problems, Lt Seks (is it) keeps walking and when he does the dialogue box closes,and nothing triggers when you beam down.Still just lists "beam down to Ambria"
Hmm, thank you for letting me know, I've checked the problems and they should be fixed now.
It looks like I had accidentally set Sek to wander, so I turned that off. And the beaming down to Ambria issue was caused by a radius of 0 on a place marker. I'm not sure why, but now all place markers seem to be at 0 when placed. They used to have a positive value when placed, not sure why this was changed as it is profoundly annoying...

Anyway, should all be fixed.



(NOTE:Okay, so it looks like it's published and should be available for play. It seems that all the times it stopped at 50.00% it had actually finished publishing but the percentage marker just wasn't working properly...either way, it's up now.)
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