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Originally Posted by torrynwoodsrunner View Post
This is gonna go off topic for a moment, and for that, I apologize. I'll bring it back on track at the end, I promise. I'm just really enjoying the conversation.

Just for the sake of discussion, providing cover fire -while- in motion? That's very Hollywood. In all my prior military exercises, cover fire was provided guessed it...cover! Members of the Fire Team would provide cover fire from position while others moved. Then those individuals would provide cover fire while the ones who were covering move to the new position. At no time while you're firing is your attention on anything other than where you're firing. Even in the rare situation where you -must- move and fire at the same time, you set your travel path mentally ahead of time, and -still- watch your firing line while you move.

Watch this gunfight scene. (It's from the Season 3 finale of Leverage)

With the exception of one shot during the main fight, and the end where it goes completely Hollywood Cowboy, you'll see that Eliot has plotted his movement to where he can focus on aiming while moving, not moving while shooting. It's a decent example of what I'm talking about. His eyes are tracking his targets, not his movement. And they are -never- looking directly at the camera, which T'Boob is most definitely doing.

Don't get me wrong...I like the Vulcan. I just don't like the execution of the piece, because professional art should provide professional result, and in my assessment as an art professional, it doesn't measure up...too many glaring errors.

I'm sure if I had a large enough copy of the original, and some time in Photoshop, I could edit her to remove some of those errors. But I'm already a starving artist...I certainly can't afford to work for free. *grin*
Lol ok, I can see that, so sorry for takeing the topic...anyways I PERSONALY like the Vulcan because she looks EXACTLY like my main character...with out that uniform though...