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No. Go tell the PvP folks how terrible cruisers are in their roles and that they are "hybrids". Flying them as a hybrid is a sure fire way to mediocrity though.

Survivability is a premium in HoE, because 2 of the objectives are based around it. And cruisers bring more group survivability than any other ship type.

Bottom line, your not flying it right. You can either make them as pure support boats who's healing capacity outstrips all other ship types, or you can make them into aggro magnet that can tank and do respectable damage. Both are quite useful in HOE.
So a personal attack and an appeal to authority.

You want me to think this game is balanced based on its PvP that has more ridiculously insane overpowered combinations than an unrestricted MTG deck? Or the census of a group that took how long to agree an always hit fire at will was overpowered? Not to mention that PvP and PvE are completely types of gameplay. This is true in every single game ever created.

In PvP you face an opponent who can exploit any and all weakness that they find to tear you apart. Because of this you need to be well rounded and be capable of flexibility during the encounter. Oh and burst is king both in damage and tank. Burst and efficiency are typically completely opposite ideologies.

Against an unthinking unadaptable AI in encounters that are pretty much tank n spank efficiency is the priority. The AI lacks the intelligence to find your weakness or to exploit it. That makes hyper-specialization and efficiency king.

Why Cruisers work in PvP
A cruiser is flexible and can perform in several roles at the same time. A healer cruiser is also a tank and sustained DPS to a point. When the enemy is bright enough to kill the person keeping everyone else alive it is important they can tank too.

An FPE with Epower to Shields 1 x2, HE 1, TSS 2, RSP I, and APD x2 and a Steamrunner with Extend I x2, HE 1, ET 1, and APD x2 fly into an STF to tank/heal

By stacking resistances to near max and a powerful amount of healing while at the same time sacrificing little to nothing in the damage dealing department this pair is borderline silly. This combo was thought up in about five minutes I'm sure there are better especially if you use lockbox escorts.

If we are going to the extreme end of maximizing tank potential we must look at the formula. Sustain/second = heal amount * resist * dodge. Every ship gets the same heal amount, every ship can hit resist cap, and only one ship has the highest bonus defense. And yes it can mount beam arrays if it wants.

Why this would fail in PvP
A human would be intelligent enough to kill the steamrunner first.