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So, it has become rather obvious that for some reason, the devs are unwilling or unable to give us the tools necessary to properly test new content (by which I mean just about everything in the game). This leads to such interesting issues such as this, this, this, this, well, the list goes on.

Most of these issues could not have been found before this unless someone went on Tribble and did exactly what they would have had to do to get the item on Holodeck, and why would anyone do that when Tribble is not the main server and doesn't "count." Because of all this, Tribble is a glorified showroom where you can look at the shiny cars, but can't take any for a test drive. Its not a test server. I can only assume that this is due to one of two things. One, the devs are too busy with the game to code something slightly different on Tribble to allow for testing, or two, someone decided that no one on Tribble should get "free" stuff on that server. I note that we used to be able to get some "free" stuff, like the Oddy three pack, you could get that on Tribble to test out.

So, I can't suggest anything for the manpower issue, but I can for the other.

First, prior to the start of any major addition to the game that goes on Tribble, wipe the server clean of data. Everyone looses characters, ships, unlocks, everything.

Second, after the server is patched, for every character that logs into Tribble, give them a way to pick up the items needed to test everything on the addition. For instance, with season seven, there was the reputation system and all of the unlocks. So, have a place for players to pick up a crate that has enough Romulan and omega marks, and dil, and everything else to unlock all of the tiers. And lower the timers so that each project only takes 15 seconds, you can put big huge notes in the system that this is for testing only. Or with the Vesta, let everyone claim the ship, like with the Oddy.

Third, give us time to do this stuff. If the timers and stuff was adjusted, I think that the amount of time for the season 7 stuff was fair enough. And I don't need a reward to test things, my reward is knowing that I helped point out a bug to you guys and that you are going to fix it. I don't need another useless Tribble.

Fourth, at the next major addition, or patch, wipe the server again. This means that although we got "free" stuff, we don't get to keep it, and better yet for you, if we liked it, we will immediately go out and get it.

Just my two cents.
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