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# 4 Simple Things
12-12-2012, 04:03 PM
The captain bounded through the fields of long, golden grass savoring the feel of the dirt beneath his claws. The day was crisp and clear, the perfect temperature. The chilly breeze he felt through his fur was a refreshing change from the usual stuffiness of climate controlled starships. Business is what brought the crew of the Deliverance to this remote planet, but the captain believed in finding pleasure in the beauty of simple things.

The captain leaped through the grass until he came to a small barn at the top of a hill. He peered into the building and, finding it empty, his heart sank. He looked outside, straining his eyes to see the outline of the small town he'd walked from. His sigh was loud and rumbling. Suddenly, a soft giggle sounded directly above him. He jumped away and there she was, smiling down at him. With a twitch of his tail he leaped onto the roof of the barn.

"You're here, I thought for a moment you wouldn't come," said the captain.

"Captain Meowmers," she crooned. She ran her hands through the thick tufts of hair at his jaw and he leaned into it with a deep purr. "I don't want you to leave," she said finally. He sat down on the roof and beckoned her to do the same. Their feet hung off the edge.

"I'm lucky to have found you, Mari. I am lucky to have spent these past two weeks with you and your village," Mari looked up at him, her bright gold eyes shining in the sunlight. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in close. "But mostly you."

"Now that I know you're up there, how can I be happy here?" she asked. Meowmers looked off, gazing at her village in the distance.

"You would be an excellent candidate for Starfleet Academy, Mari. You are strong, dedicated. It would be valuable for your people to have someone in Starfleet to speak for them," he said. The sound of the transporter beam made Mari jump. "Your supplies. I think your doctors will find our medical devices to be an improvement," he grinned.

Mari crossed her arms, the color of her skin was beginning to change from deep red to purple. Emotions or the temperature, the captain figured. He hadn't asked her about her skin. There was so much he had yet to know about her and her species; the simple things.

"I am needed here. Not everyone is as quick to trust Starfleet as I am, and I am sure I will have to do some translating for both sides," said Mari. Captain Meowmers leaped down from the roof and held his arms out for her. He caught her when she jumped, and held onto her hand.

"Well there it is," he said.

"I guess so. I have something for you," she said. Mari reached into her bag and pulled out a glass sphere the size of her palm. Inside the sphere was a flower that seemed to have every color in the spectrum represented.

"It's beautiful," said the captain.

"We call it the eternity bloom. It's a symbol of prosperity and happiness for my people, but I'm giving it to you as a token of good luck," she said, smiling. "It will bloom for you for a hundred years, just keep it in the light."

The captain took the sphere in his hand, watching the colors in the flower petals swirl and reflect the sun. He knew then that this would be the last time he saw her. He was shocked at how affected he was by this woman from an previously unknown species. In just a short amount of time his mind had been completely consumed with thoughts of her. Had he known this first contact mission would be anything but routine, he would not have done anything differently. She was so strange, yet so familiar. There was something about her that reminded him of home.

The captain pulled her close and buried his face in her hair. She smelled like rain and grass and flowers. Mari looked up for a moment, her eyes intense with an emotion that the captain could only begin to guess. Then, his mouth was on hers. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her fingers tangled in his mane. The captain's purr vibrated on her lips and he felt her deepen the kiss. He inhaled, memorizing her scent.

"Captain," she murmured into his chest.

"Call me Catface," he said, smiling at her. Mari's smile wrinkled her nose.

Captain Catface Meowmers clutched the eternity bloom as she faded away, leaving him standing alone in the Holodeck. He cleared his throat and smoothed his whiskers before stepping through the doors. Looking at the bloom in his hand, the captain was wistful and hopeful, but most of all he was energized. He pulled at the hem of his uniform jacket. "Meowmers to bridge, report," he said, and walked briskly toward the turbolift.