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Originally Posted by thay8472 View Post
plot wise.. were these captains part of whatever is going on with this plot (ie helped you kill someone?) or are they just.. "bla bla bla tryed to stop him hes a madman!"
They aren't actually involved. They're mostly just there to give testimony as to the guy's character, and/or give their opinions on what happened, or what the character should do (which could be wrong or right). Maybe mention conflicts of interest on the part of the judges. Or maybe just make random comments that have nothing to do with the case (just nonsense that the player has to sort through when getting info).

If you want I can even let you decide what they would say about the whole thing. I'm willing to let anyone who donates a character give feedback on how they want them portrayed or act, or even write their dialogue entirely. And I can let you play through to make sure you're happy before publicizing the mission.

If there's ever a serious issue at some point I can sub in a character of my own making, so that would be the worst case scenario if someone was really unhappy. Since I can now import the characters it's not as much of a risk on my part in terms of time spent.

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