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Originally Posted by torrynwoodsrunner View Post
Hey, I have no trouble with I said, I'm enjoying the discussion.

But, let's get this train back on the rails, shall we?

I spent exactly six minutes and 47 seconds in Photoshop...a VERY quick and dirty edit, using the largest size wallpaper as a base.

Here's a cropped and downsized clip of the original, with the 'thousand-yard stare' looking right at the camera:

Now here's the quick and dirty edit, making her look where she's firing. That is the ONLY change I made:

See the difference? Just that minor change makes her look infinitely more proficient. Sure, she still looks like she's going to cry, and she's still falling on her face...but by the gods, she IS going to hit what she's aiming at, because she's ACTUALLY AIMING!

So, what have we learned, cats and kittens? One of the primary rules of art: Unless you're doing a portrait, your subject should NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE 'CAMERA'.

Seriously...that's basic art class.
Well, your ceratinly right about that! nice work btw, sorry if I caused any trouble not my intent at all, just a matter of opion, though for the crying bit theres ways to give her less "twinkle" i dont know how but theres ways.

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