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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Actually you do BOTH or you fall behind
Grind AND Pay
Not true! I haven't paid a cent since I bought the Oddy bundle when it was first released! And even then, I only needed a 500 cpoint top up because I was too impatient to to wait another couple of days to grind the 500 points in dil.

Since then, I've purchased 6 toon slots, Playable Caitin, Costumes, 4 or 5 c-store ships for lower level toons, lockbox keys times god knows how many etc. etc. all by simply grinding and exchanging Dilithium!

And right now as we speak I have almost 4k Zen built up from dil exchanges alone and no cash. I don't feel like I'm falling behind in the game at all and the only reason I'm saving my zen from dil right now is in hope that the possible Ambassador give away for the 3rd anniversary will have it's 3 pack +1 bundle in the cstore sometime soon after.

So you see... You can grind and play for free like I have and never fall behind if you do it right!

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