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Originally Posted by linkdown1 View Post
Most of them don't pvp anymore because there is no reward attached to it and i can't blame them it's a sad situation.
This. This right here. This is the crux of the problem. There aren't enough rewards associated with PvP activity. From a resource-gathering standpoint, there's zero reason to do PvP over PvE. It doesn't even reach parity. I don't even think you can reach your daily refining cap off of what's offered for PvP. If you can, then you probably can't do it every day. . .because there's some sort of weird time-gating system with a few of the missions that makes them disappear for 3-4 days at a time.

Want to revitalize PvP? Attach some real effing rewards onto it. Make the 'Ship Killer' mission against the Feds into a 20-30 ship count mission and boost the reward to 1k/1.5k dilithium. Give us specific ship kill missions (kill 10 science ships, 10 cruisers, 10 escort, w/e). Establish a decent system of rewards, and you'll see a lot more people trying their hand at it. That, combined with efforts like the Boot Camp, and other efforts by helpful PvPers, will help make PvP something relevant to the game at large.

Another suggestion would be this: Establish an in-game ranking system, tied with the factions at large. I.E., every time a KDF player defeats a Federation player in space, add a point onto the KDF side. Vice versa for Feddies. Also establish an individual-level system, so that players can compare and contrast the amount of kills they have and compete over that.

Fix Ker'rat so it's not a buggy POS (complete with stretching Borg ships, Borg and player ships getting stuck in the environment, etc) and increase the user capacity of each zone. While you're at it, add more spawnpoints and get rid of the moronic 'restart spawning Federation and Klingon players at the same point'.

There's no shortage of ideas as to what could be done, and I'll bet they would make PvP a lot more appealing to players who want more of a challenge, but don't see the point of doing PvP due to lack of rewards.