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Originally Posted by patientnr0 View Post
I know what SSL stands for.
Don't recall saying you didn't.

Originally Posted by patientnr0 View Post
As long as you are sending critical data in plaintext, there simply is no security.

I can imagine that its far easier to find a way to bypass that AG than to crack a GOOD encrypted pw.
I agree with you that SSL needs to be happening, but with 2 factor authentication, even without SSL there's still SOME level of security as an attacker would also have to have access to your email account as well to be able to do anything with your login details as the browser/game client would have to be verified first before they could proceed.
That's the beauty of 2 factor authentication!

Originally Posted by patientnr0 View Post
There is actually an easy way to disable AG, but it seems to be resetted once in a while.
Why on earth you'd what to disable it is beyond me. Unless you play from a different PC every single time and never return to the same one again, it could get annoying. If disabled it's just one less hurdle for an attacker to get into your account. But that's your prerogative
As someone that's obviously concerned about their account security I'd have thought you'd understand that.

Anyway, until the gateway has SSL, security for the site is at least halved. Please rectify this Cryptic!
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