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Originally Posted by travelingmaster View Post
This. This right here. This is the crux of the problem. There aren't enough rewards associated with PvP activity.
It's a curious thing, imo, how normally I would suggest that the PvP itself is reward enough for and from the PvP...

I generally believe that. I kind of prefer that - in casual PvP games. In more...I hate to use the term hardcore...pressing PvP games, where you're fighting for territory - your city - etc, etc, etc - literally, not just faction - but if you lose, you lose big... well, there are those additional rewards, etc, etc, etc.

However, I can't really make that argument in this case - not for STO the way it currently is (especially now during the Winter event as well).

So I'm running four toons.

Now each of these of these has different time requirements...

But I'm running four toons.

And I'm grinding:

EC to pay for Rep stuff.
Dil for items that I've gotten and I'll eventually get from the Rep stuff.
Romulan Marks (as if a Red Alert will ever work for me again).
Omega Marks (only doing Infected Elite (others regular), because I'm not risking my time on failing other ESTFs).

I'm also DOFFin'.
I'm doing the daily race for the Chel Grett.
I'm doing the FE Reruns (because stupid me has a stupid tendency to delete my stupid toons).

During this time, I'm also working on their builds - doing replays for different gear, buying more DOFFs to try different things, buying gear to try different things, etc, etc, etc.

Before S7... even with rerollitis, it took no time to level (have done it too many times, so it's fast) and then a night of STFs to at least be able to 2+2, 3, 4, or maybe even a decent 2+2, etc, etc, etc. Most of my time was therefore spent over in PUGland in the queues or hanging out in Ker'rat. The PvP was it's own reward.

There's just no time for PvP to be it's own reward at this point...meh.

I actually spent an hour in Ker'rat tonight - I got lucky with some drops I sold that meant I didn't have to do the EC farming bit. Course, it put me a little behind on my Marks and Dil farming... but I needed a break. It was a blast.

It's just not a blast that time really allows for these days...

...maybe in another week, I might do it again.

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