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12-12-2012, 06:24 PM
Well whilst they have the nerf bat out they need to add a 10 to 20 sec CD on the placate, it's freaking stupid. Example, two bugs, mine and a mate. I can pop him almost every time, result of many months of building and testing. He adds the placate passive, I can't scratch him because I can never target him with the amount of crits he hits, result I pop every time. So my months of building and testing numerous builds are completely overriden by this no-skill I Win passive.

Stop QQing you say, add it to your bug and then you're even. correct but then neither of us ever gets to hit each other much, we both crit and we both become untargetable, the match lasts forever and we die of bordom. Whoever thought this crap up needs to actually play the game occasionally, I mean it's not as if they weren't warned this would happen but I'm sure we were told there would be a CD added LOL. Sorry for sounding pissed off but it's because I am.

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