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Originally Posted by retrosrages View Post
this is ok for you guys that pvp but what about the guys that only pve,
it maybe over powered in pvp but in pvp it means the borg queen doesnt 1 shot you anymore.
You all have the chance to get the same skills so instead of crying over it and making the whole game pay for you few pvp'ers why not just all get the skills then it will even it all out,
now the rest of the game has got to pay the price for a few cry baby pvp'ers.
Get branflakes to test the same skills in space onslaught elite and tell me the skills are over powered,
im sick of this bloody game chancing stuff all the time which then cost me my real money to put right,
if your going to nerf these skills into hell and back then at least get your balls out and man up and give us a free respec token. Your comapny is worse then bigpoint who are the worse con men online,
you bring something out make it amazing get everyone to spend there cash then nerf it to hell then do the same next week,
you should re name the company to digital con men it would be more fitting
Is the Borg Queen suppossed to be a weak and easy encounter? If she is OP, then they need to fix her just as they will fix this broken passive.
Or you can fixate on your conspiracy theory of how PvP is ruining STO and not help the issue.
You choose.
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