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Originally Posted by bames1701 View Post
Sir, I ran and installed the latest Intel update with no effect. I am not sure where to go from here. Also is anyone else having problems with the support function? I get an error message stating that support is not available. Any help would be grateful.
your problems is that the latest driver is getting a conflict with the game code.

Think of it this way, the 1000's graphics card speak a 1000's different Lagrange and STO speaks a entirely different language from those. The driver is the translator. Now STO changed it meaning of a few words, and although 990 drivers can understand, 10 can not.. we are part of that 10.

Your most recent driver doesn't understand and just throws it hands up at it. Check the if you are running a intel HD driver, check the link i posted. It is for a driver as of 1 year ago and it understands the code. (Not the newest driver). If another graphics card is what you have, check the maker of the card and look for a version that is listed about a year ago.

how to check your card? open your start menu, in the "files and programs" box type dxdiag. Check the display tab it will tell you your current graphics card.

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