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12-12-2012, 10:03 PM

A lot of folks are whining about the "grind", and in a way it still IS a grind (in the sense that grinding is repetitious activity), but THIS time you're guaranteed to get something when it's done.

I have friends in-game that, like me, have been STO players since BETA and prior to Season 7 have NEVER acquired a single Mk XII STF set item, all because of the luck of the draw system for prototype salvage and tech, due to simple bad luck and people always, ALWAYS voting Need during drops, because trading in Salvage and Tech was part of other people's dilithium farming.

But now they can finally get that stuff, and they know WHEN they can get it, and how soon.

S7 is by no means perfect, but in terms of making STO more playable for the average player, i.e. most of the folks not whining on forums, it's more good than bad.