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Ok you have to wake up and smell the coffee mate.
I don't drink coffee, and I'm quite awake.

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Blizzerd entertainment, creators or world of ******** THE BIGGEST MMO. (And I belive still the most popular though not by as much these days) Had bugs from ALPHA.

One I recall well was a silly little bug that made a paladin buff show the wrong icon on the buff bar, They finally fixed it in the Wrath of the litch king expansion, Thats what 4-5 years to fix an ICON.

Now in retrospect cryptic I think have done well considiering there size compared to blizzerd.

Can they do better, deffinatly

Will ranting and raving and starting cryptic bash threads help, doubtful.
blizzard is/was also wildly successful, not to mention they also had a strong customer support policy. Cryptic isn't and does not.

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Ask yourself this...

Whats more important

Fixing a bug that causes the game to crash for 3% of the player base


Fixing a glitch that causes the AI to get stuck, a torp to not display correctly, the wrong sound effect ect for everyone..

Answer: the crash bug ofc.
Well lets see. Hrm a bug that effects 3/100 people or a bug that effects 100/100 people. Sorry but when I asked myself this question, my priority would be the bug that effects everyone. But here's the kicker, all of them should be addressed in a reasonable amount of time.

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Now ask yourself whats more important

Fixing a glitch that causes the AI to get stuck, a torp to not display correctly, the wrong sound effect ect for everyone that is just a small annoyance,


Making content for 70% of the player base thats burning it faster than cryptic can make it.

Answer: the content, why if theres no content cryptic lose 70% of there customers.
Here, once again, I asked myself this silly question and the answer I come up with is, so what if production is delayed by a few weeks. work it must, shine it may. No matter how much you try to polish a turd, it still stinks.

Originally Posted by elexier909pw View Post
General bugs are Usually done by a small part of the team in ANY GAME DEVELOPMENT.

And there done in order of severity.

- Game crashes/lockups

- Login/account issues (Also have billing and account support for this)

- Hardware related issues (Overheating/compatability issues)

- Movement/travel bugs

- Combat bugs

ect ect

Graphical/sound bugs are so far down the list you can't even see them.

No If they switched all there team to bug fixing, yes they would squash all the bugs within a month maybe two.

But then they would be four months behind any other content, 70% of the player base would just leave due to lack of content, and then the game would compleatly die and be shut down because of negative profits.

There team is what maybe 30 or so strong, (Might go up now the merger with VW is done) Think about all the different jobs that need doing, you will answer most of the why questions yourself.
I don't see anyone here saying "make new stuff or I quit" but I do see people saying "fix these bugs or I quit" Whether they mean that or not is irrelevant. I can't tell you what % of the player base wants to see bugs fixed, id really be shocked if its less than 100%... honestly, who wouldn't want to see bugs fixed. And sure, id also be shocked if less than 100% doesn't want new content... again, who wouldn't. I don't see people screaming for new content, what I see is people wanting bugs to be fixed and the content that's already here to be finished before the next set of content is released. There is absolutely nothing unrealistic about that and it just makes sense for it to get done.