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Okay, point taken. Pulling 90 greens in a row is possible. However, such an occurrence tends to be pretty unlikely, which is why this thread exists. It is to check whether the OP was, indeed, that unlucky person, or if the lousy odds were widespread. Based on the tests, most people seem to have found that the stated odds are in effect, and there really isn't a bug.
Ya fair enough.. I popped 50 mil ec in keys the other day to open some boxes... no ships and 1 or 2 half decent items... a friend opened 5 boxes and pulled 2 ships... what can ya do, in my case certainly not visit any casinos any time soon. lol

Now having said that I do wonder how the system deals with item selection, beyond the simple purple blue green. In my experience if I pull one item I am likely to pull the same item again with in a short amount of time. From talking to people it seems the system selects items a small time frame at a time... I know a few times when I have pulled say a blue doff 2 in a row... in a lot of cases they end up being the same doff.... Same effect seems to happen with lock boxes.... with the Toy missions I know it would be hard to quickly complete multiple missions on alts... still makes me wonder.
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